“The Grand Budapest Hotel” – Magnificent, Hilarious, Bizarre…

The grand budapest hotel logo

I believe the most common adjective employed to describe the film-making style of Wes Anderson’s would be quirky, or idiosyncratic. And it’s all fine with me, but I personally would go a step further and call it for what it is – mildly autistic. It’s not necessarily an indictment on my part, but rather a simple observation. Now, I am definitely not a world-renowned expert in Wes Anderson’s work, as only recently I have started colouring in the blank spot that was his filmography, but I am most assuredly a fan of his approach toward comedy. Contrary to what you’d usually see on the big screen nowadays, Wes Anderson’s films are always intellectually stimulating, visually rich, stylistically sound, meticulously shot and executed, (maybe not quite laugh-out-loud) funny, but subversive and filled with unforgettable dialogue. In that, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” – Anderson’s newest creation – is no different and quite cohesively positions itself within his entire body of work. Continue reading

“Out of the Furnace” – blood on the knuckles, grit on the screen, but is it enough?

Every time I see Christian Bale on screen, I come to appreciate his talent even more. And while I might have not enjoyed “American Hustle” as a whole, I can’t deny it the fantastic performances with Bale at the helm. Therefore, I was really excited to finally see “Out of the Furnace”, since it has finally come to my neck of the woods. And while I definitely see the flaws in the story-telling, it seems to me that much of the bad wrap this film received across the pond was either completely uncalled for, or blown out of proportion… and I think I know why that is. Continue reading