Shortcake #14 – “Fusion”

The evening is slowly drawing to a close and becomes a night and I’m sitting here in my new apartment… tired, but glad. With all my possessions still bagged, or boxed and evenly distributed all over the place I thought it was a good idea to whip out my laptop from underneath al the rubble and christen the apartment by writing a post… because why the hell not.Therefore, a nice short text was in order and I knew exactly what to write about.

A few days back I noticed on my facebook feed that my favourite kiwi film-makers have been up to something lately and I promptly decided to check it out. It’s been available online for little more than two weeks already, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, drop whatever it is you’re doing and watch “Fusion” – a fresh short from Sideways Productions, created by Allan George and Ben Fowler. Since I think I know what to expect from a guy like Allan, there was little debate whether “Fusion” would be any good. His “Sounds Perfect” still remains a short that I re-watch periodically for good fun and my spidey-sense kept telling me “Fusion” was going to blow me away. But I have to say that my expectations weren’t all that sky-high, because I didn’t want to build up myself up for the film not to live up to them, but I think I can now put my doubts to bed and say it once and for all – whatever these guys make is pure gold. Full stop.


There’s no discussion here – “Fusion” is a perfect 6.5 minutes of hilarious comedy that not only kept the style I loved so much from “Sounds perfect”, but came up with an outrageously humorous concept, and then ran with it. Seriously, I have no clue what’s going on in Allan’s mind at any given time and I’m a bit scared of the level of positive insanity resting in this guy’s head, but he knows comedy and has a grasp on film-making that can leave me lying on the floor (literally) laughing my behind off.

Now, “Fusion” is a concise story where – again in a pseudo-documentary style – we come across a disturbingly awkward fella, who invents things by taking two known things and merging them into a brand new hybrid thing; fusing the nation together… And that’s enough to make me wet myself. The superb acting and a ridiculous concept (how do you come up with these things anyway, Allan?) is more than enough here to create a short to remember. Need I say more? Of course, I could get into details of how I loved the cinematography (because I did) or the quirky protagonist, but the bottom line is – I haven’t had a laugh of that calibre in weeks now. I don’t exactly know what it is, but you guys make these films in a way that always gets me. Now, if you excuse me, I’ll go and hit the hay… In my bitchen…

Shortcake #4 – “Sounds Perfect”

I’m sorry. I just had to do this… I just watched one of the most hilarious shorts in weeks and I simply needed to write about it. Not that this particular piece needs publicity, because it just scored some gongs at Tropfest in New Zealand, but – in my humble view – young, ambitious and talented filmmakers need as much good word as humanly possible. While I do know, my readership is a bit limited at the moment, still if anyone is exposed to this little short and I could have something to do with it, I will be really proud and overjoyed.


Without further ado, I give you “Sounds Perfect” by Allan George. From what I gather, it is his debut as a director, although he is rather experienced when it comes to work with a lens, which is very noticeable in his film. I’d say it’s a very professionally produced piece of comedy and it is a delight to watch. “Sounds perfect” is essentially a para-documentary piece about a lad called Dave who works as an audio enhancement engineer in the adult film industry – at least that’s what he calls making sure that all the rumble in the jungle sounds professionally and provides the viewers with unforgettable experience (not that anyone would notice)… And he takes his – otherwise very under-appreciated – profession way too seriously. “Sounds perfect” is a 7 minute long parade of giggles infused with just the right amount of horizontal mambo metaphors. I had a very good time watching it and now I can’t wait for what Allan George comes up with next.

Oh, and by the way – eclairs and wellie boots will never be the same again.