“Captain America – The Winter Soldier” – Star-spangled badassery

captain america review logoUp until now I have had serious problems understanding the draw behind a character like Captain America. I understand his origins in the popular culture as a spin-off from the blatant patriotic propaganda, but looking at him simply in comic book superhero terms, I couldn’t understand why he’s such an important figure within the Marvel Universe. He’s not a god, he doesn’t really wield a weapon granting him superhuman powers, he can’t fly, he’s not immortal, he doesn’t own a cool suit of armor… He doesn’t really carry a weapon for the most part, but a shield, which from a logical standpoint is just absurd. All he can do is run, fight and throw his shield around… In the company of folks like Thor, The Hulk, or Iron-Man, he looks – well – puny and unimportant, at least in terms of the actual combat, which challenges the notion of Captain America being perceived as a superhero in the first place. Now, having seen “Captain America – The Winter Soldier” (and having re-watched for the third time “Captain America – The First Avenger”) I think I understand his place within this universe of gods, aliens, superheroes and monsters. Continue reading

“Robocop” – a distasteful sacrilege

Having considered many possible angles and discarded quite a few drafts, I have finally come to the conclusion that it would take me more than one article to vent my thoughts about José Padilha’s “Robocop”. Therefore, I decided to try to give the man a chance and for the time being pretend that Paul Verhoeven’s “Robocop” never happened. I believe this would be the only way for me to stay relatively calm and collected throughout my review, as I can’t say – despite my best wishes – I didn’t enjoy this film at all. And because I don’t see myself addressing every little thing I disliked about it without rambling like an idiot, I’ll try to stay clear from referencing the original this film is supposedly based on and see how it fares as a modern action science-fiction movie on its own two feet. Continue reading