Happy Birthday, Quentin!!!

As the title states, Quentin Tarantino turned 50 today. So, on such a splendid occasion I’d like to wish you all the best the universe can come up with for you, and for myself I’d like to wish at least another fifty years of awesomeness in cinema that you’ve been providing me with until now.


As I’m writing this, I’m actually watching “Jackie Brown” – the least watched Tarantino movie ever. I could really come up with the best 50 scenes from Tarantino movies ever, or arrange his movies in order of fantasticness (Top three being 3. Inglorious Basterds, 2. Reservoir Dogs, 1. Pulp Fiction), but it’s all been done before. Nevertheless, I’d like to say that Quentin is a special person for me (and I’m not saying this just  because I’m inebriated). He held my hand while I ventured into pop-culture and dipped my toes in cinema. Quentin Tarantino will always have a special place in my heart and I would like to see at least 30 fantastic films with his name on them, just because I’m selfish.

So, I decided to give you the very first short film shot by Tarantino. You can know a man best by his shoes, right? So here they are. Enjoy.

And again, Quentin – if you’re reading this (and you’re probably not) – Happy birthday. You’re one of the reasons I am who I am. Forget all the actors you made, my taste in cinema got heavily influenced by your work and I can only thank you for it.

Shortcake #9 – “Biting Elbows – Bad Motherfucker (Insane Office Escape 2)”

If you haven’t seen this already, then immediately do so. I don’t think this film qualifies exactly to meet the criteria for a short, because it’s a music video and all. Still, you rarely see a music clip that well done. And you really see that the Russian boys who made the clip (and the band as well) pulled all the stops went all out – like they would have any way.

I have to say, I just had a blast and I didn’t even care for the music in the background. You’re in for a five-minute roller-coaster ride full of adrenaline, violence, first-person shooting, blood, free-running, and did I say adrenaline? That’s right, “Insane Office Escape 2” is a mash-up of “Reservoir Dogs”, “Max Payne” and “The Matrix” put in one continuous shot filmed from a hand-held (or rather head-strapped) perspective. I’m in awe of how well this thing was put together. The action doesn’t slow down, the special effects are convincing and the violence is just fantastic. Seriously, I had to watch it twice to notice that it is, in fact, a music video.

Yup, that’s it. Go on and watch and then watch it again. It’s that good. I even watched it mute once – the same adrenaline rush. I actually feel sorry for the band right now, as it was supposed to illustrated their music. Well, tough luck.