Trailer: “Locke”


Tom Hardy in a car answering phone calls, looking troubled… Even though this seems to be the entire premise of Steven Knight’s “Locke”, I can’t help but feel mesmerized and pulled into the story already. There is something inherently interesting in those experimental story concepts that put a single character in a confined space for the entirety of the film (“Phone Booth”, “Buried”), and although the end result might not always be as stunning as the premise would suggest, it will definitely make for an interesting watch.

“Locke” gets locked in a car on the 18th of April in the UK and on the 25th across the pond.

“Her” – Humanity gets an ‘F’

Her review logo

Whenever Spike Jonze surfaces with his new film, it invariably causes a fair amount of buzz, and for a good reason. He might not be the most prolific director with only four full-feature films under his belt (and a boat-load of shorts and documentaries), but it doesn’t change the fact that each and every one of his creations is unique, cerebral and unforgettable in a way. Jonze’s films always bring something new to the table, by either inciting an intellectual conversation, or by offering an interesting new angle to a currently relevant topic, and “Her” is no different. In fact, it is much more socially relevant and brutally insightful than any other of his previous films. And it is a delight to watch. Continue reading