In the meantime, have some shortcake – “Black Metal”

It’s been a couple of days since I actually had time to sit down and type something. Between a job and a life things just sometimes don’t play the way one would wish, but hey. In turn I managed to have a think about what I might want to include into this little dollhouse of mine. So far, this blog has been solely a collection of my thoughts about films I saw and while I think this might be mostly what I’ll continue on doing, I would very much like to include certain things that would be recurring in nature and hence provide this blog with a sense of consistency (yes, columns, that’s what they’re called). Right, so between trying desperately to find time to watch “Life of Pi” before it shuffles off from the theatres, other important Oscar-related things that I really want to watch and then write about (“Zero Dark Thirty”, “Lincoln” and “Les Mis” say ‘hello’), my other piece that I’m to trying piece together (yup, that was intended) I think the next week will hopefully be super busy writing-wise. And on top of that, I really want to start this hopefully weekly thing where I would just highlight short films that I found really interesting.


I didn’t plan on this in any way. The idea just dropped on me the other day when I read about “Black Metal” – a really good and honest short film that premiered at this year’s Sundance and is widely available on Youtube. It’s only ten minutes of your time and it is really worth seeing. I really think this very concise film touches on an important subject that is bludgeoned to death in the media, namely the music as an alleged inspiration for crime, violence or murder. Keep it in your pants though, no politics here. I don’t want to start a tirade on the subject nor do I think I’m qualified to do so at the moment. I just think that like every coin has two sides, this problem has a side that is rarely spoken of.

Just watch and think for yourselves, enjoy.