Watch: “The History of Movie Trailer”

watch this logoEver wondered how it all began? In a world where movies took over the world one man had a dream… Well, to advertise the film and get as many people to watch it as humanly possible. If you’re interested in learning a thing or two about the historical background behind the movie trailer, then look no further – The crew of has laid it all out for you in this wildly entertaining and very informative short little lecture/documentary.

In under 15 minutes you’ll learn about the genesis of the movie advertising, the first trailer, the Golden Era oh Hollywood and more. Plus, thanks to the tonnes of film and trailer trivia, you’ll be even more fun at parties. Enjoy!

If you like it, visit or their Vimeo channel for more cool stuff on the history of film-making. Alternatively, come back here some at some point in the future, as I’m definitely going to post some more of their fascinating work.

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