Trailer: “13 Sins”


If there’s anything good besides the artsy stuff coming from film festivals, it would be horror. Somehow, whatever spins out of the festival circle into the wide cinematic release is always pushing the envelope in some fashion and plays with the genre in a frivolous way. Case in point – “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” and “You’re Next”

Directed by Daniel Stamm (of “The Last Exorcism” fame)  “13 Sins” promises to become this year’s genre delicacy. Although the trailer reveals a bit much for my liking, it nevertheless might be a fun, refreshing and gory watch. Starring Ron Perlman and Mark Webber, the film seems to be a story about how far a person could go, if he was promised a lot of money.

“13 Sins” opens on the 18th of April in the US. Sadly, there is no information as of yet about the international release of that film.


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