6 films to (re)watch and keep the “Non-Stop” genre fever nice and high

If, like me, you had a fun time watching Liam Neeson scratch his head, beat the poop out of random strangers and in the end save the day, then why not stay in the genre bubble for a little while longer?

Here are the six titles my mind immediately raced to when I was walking back home after watching “Non-Stop”:

tumblr_lc934kcVPN1qcjcju1. “Turbulence” (1997) – Starring Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly, “Turbulence” was a properly cheesy B-movie that I can easily summarize as ‘The Shining on a plane, but without the creepy stuff’. I have seen it only once during its theatrical release, but here it seems appropriate to revisit it. It is a seriously serious low-quality mini-budget slasher on a plane, with Ray Liotta doing whatever he can to look like Jack Nicholson. Trailer


2. “Passenger 57” (1992) – four word summary? Die Hard on a plane starring Wesley Snipes. This one I’ve been thinking of revisiting since forever, and now is the time. A dangerous criminal breaks loose aboard an airliner and only a traumatized ex-cop, who accidentally happens to be there as well, can save the day? Count me in. Trailer  

Executive_Decision3. “Executive Decision” (1996) – Kurt Russell, Halle Berry, John Leguizamo, and the one and only Steven Seagal (who weirdly dies sooner than you’d like him to) in a fight to save [in a trailer voice] the entire world… This film has it all: the ridiculous premise, scary middle-eastern-looking terrorists, a ticking clock, corny dialogue, a metric tonne of clichés, and Steven Seagal in a military get-up. What more would you want? Trailer

Air-Force-One4. “Air Force One” (1999) – Directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, and Glenn Close, “Air Force One” was a bit more high-profile than your usual genre picture. However, having the A-list cast and a high calibre director did not mean the film would forget its identity – it just looks better than the average bear (except the extremely dated special effects, but hey). By the way, where have gone the days of American presidents killing baddies with AK-47’s, breaking necks and kicking ass? Trailer

speed_l5. “Speed” (1994) – shame on you, if you don’t know that one… Stick-up-his-ass Keanu Reeves and a young Sandra Bullock in a confrontation against the maniacal Dennis Hopper… And there’s a bus full of people, which will blow up if it slows down below 50 mph. It’s not exactly a thriller with a plane, but even today it keeps my adrenaline levels nice and high. And that soundtrack… Trailer

liam_neeson_taken6. “Taken” (2008) – two words: Liam Neeson. In his career-redefining role Neeson lays waste to the entire Albanian population in Paris while looking for his kidnapped daughter. No planes, no buses… …pure mayhem. Let’s be serious – this film deserves to be re-watched periodically. Hell, I’ll even throw in the (slightly underwhelming) sequel once the time is right. Trailer

So that’s it. That would be the homework for “Non-Stop” enthusiasts. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to watch some movies. One more thing: Do. Not. Watch. “Flight Plan”. Trust me…

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