Watch: “Life After Pi”, an eye-opening short documentary on the rotten state of the film industry

Ever wondered what “The Avengers” would look like without the extensive computer-generated visual effects? Well, if things in the film industry continue to go the way they do now, who knows what the blockbusters will look like five years from now. The VFX companies hiring hundreds (if not thousands) of talented and hard-working people are dropping like flies, because of the unfair way the movie-making process traditionally goes.

Every year we continue to hear, how the film industry is growing and how the box-office revenue continues to grow. Since most of the ‘money-making’ productions in recent times not only employ visual effects, but wouldn’t exist without them, it strikes me (and many others) that the very people whose blood, sweat and tears go into making them happen, are being laid off. One. By. One.

The epitome of the sad state of affairs the VFX community is in now is depicted in this short and powerful documentary “Life After Pi” about Rhythm & Hues, the VFX company that won the last year’s Academy Award for their work on “Life of Pi”… …and went bust within the next two weeks. How does a company with more than two decades of achievements under its belt (including the Oscar) go bankrupt?

Watch the film, get informed, and think about those men and women who create your beloved summer blockbusters. They are the difference between “Pacific Rim” and the bright green screen.

You can visit the website for the initiative here:

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