“Inside Llewyn Davis” – not only a film, but a concept album

Believe it or not, but if I had written this review right after leaving the screening of “Inside Llewyn Davis” by Ethan and Joel Coens, it would look completely different to what it is currently shaping out to be. The more I’ve been sitting on it letting my thoughts gestate and ripen, the more my appreciation for this film grows – to a point where I’m quite confident “Inside Llewyn Davis” would make my Top 10 list of this year (and it’s only February). However, it’s not an easy piece of cinema to take in and it requires the viewer to be in a certain frame of mind to get the best of it. In fact, I’d say the ticket for “Inside Llewyn Davis” should come bundled with a couple of things, one of them a fair warning that it is not a straight-up plot-driven story the viewer could expect from the Coens given their recent output (i.e. “No Country for Old Men”, or “True Grit”). The other thing I’d like to have gotten with the ticket would be the soundtrack… but more on that later. Continue reading