Trailer: “The Double”


A full theatrical trailer for Richard Ayoade’s “The Double” has just dropped. The film is based on a classical novel by Dostoyevsky, stars Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska and looks to be a slightly comedic study of a man who meets his doppleganger. “The Double” opens on the 4th of April in the UK and on the 9th of May in the US. If it wasn’t for the awkward timing, it would make an interesting double bill (pun not intended) with Dennis Villeneuve’s “Enemy”, which is being released on the 21st of March.

Watch: “Life After Pi”, an eye-opening short documentary on the rotten state of the film industry

Ever wondered what “The Avengers” would look like without the extensive computer-generated visual effects? Well, if things in the film industry continue to go the way they do now, who knows what the blockbusters will look like five years from now. The VFX companies hiring hundreds (if not thousands) of talented and hard-working people are dropping like flies, because of the unfair way the movie-making process traditionally goes.

Every year we continue to hear, how the film industry is growing and how the box-office revenue continues to grow. Since most of the ‘money-making’ productions in recent times not only employ visual effects, but wouldn’t exist without them, it strikes me (and many others) that the very people whose blood, sweat and tears go into making them happen, are being laid off. One. By. One. Continue reading

Trailer: “Godzilla” (2014)


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty pumped for this. If these visuals are anything to go by,this might be my new “Pacific Rim” – the ultimate nerd experience. Directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, David Strathairn and many others, “Godzilla” is set to destroy the theaters on the 16th of May 2014.

I can’t wait!!!

Harold Ramis (1944 – 2014)

Harold Ramis Obituary

My childhood’s second-favourite Ghostbuster, Harold Ramis, passed away yesterday at the age of 69. He left behind a stunning body of work as an actor, writer and director, whose achievements helped define what I know as ‘the 80’s comedy’.

It is always kind of sudden and unexpected, even at his age. I may not have a particular taste for comedies, but one thing I know for sure: “Ghostbusters” (1 and 2), “Stripes”, “Vacation”, or “The Groundhog Day” have always had a special place in my heart as films that bring me back to my younger years. Surely, I haven’t been around (or old enough) to see them when they were first release, but nevertheless Harold Ramis’ work carries a lot of very personal energy for me that I shall never forget.


“Her” – Humanity gets an ‘F’

Her review logo

Whenever Spike Jonze surfaces with his new film, it invariably causes a fair amount of buzz, and for a good reason. He might not be the most prolific director with only four full-feature films under his belt (and a boat-load of shorts and documentaries), but it doesn’t change the fact that each and every one of his creations is unique, cerebral and unforgettable in a way. Jonze’s films always bring something new to the table, by either inciting an intellectual conversation, or by offering an interesting new angle to a currently relevant topic, and “Her” is no different. In fact, it is much more socially relevant and brutally insightful than any other of his previous films. And it is a delight to watch. Continue reading

“Robocop” – a distasteful sacrilege

Having considered many possible angles and discarded quite a few drafts, I have finally come to the conclusion that it would take me more than one article to vent my thoughts about José Padilha’s “Robocop”. Therefore, I decided to try to give the man a chance and for the time being pretend that Paul Verhoeven’s “Robocop” never happened. I believe this would be the only way for me to stay relatively calm and collected throughout my review, as I can’t say – despite my best wishes – I didn’t enjoy this film at all. And because I don’t see myself addressing every little thing I disliked about it without rambling like an idiot, I’ll try to stay clear from referencing the original this film is supposedly based on and see how it fares as a modern action science-fiction movie on its own two feet. Continue reading

I can’t see the enemy through all those flags… – “Lone Survivor”

Nowadays, Hollywood war films almost too often fall into the category of flag-wavy patriotic propaganda. I don’t mind that particularly, so long as the film is simply enjoyable to watch in any fashion. However, I’d love to see some more challenging work (and still aimed at the general audience) that would add to the discussion on the validity of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria, but it will probably require a few more decades for the film-makers to gain the necessary perspective on the subject. I think that films like “Zero Dark Thirty” would either end up completely different, or would be received in a different way, if we waited 5-10 years to make them. The same goes, quite unfortunately, for “Lone Survivor” directed by Peter Berg, as it is way too easy a target for criticism. Continue reading