Well, Happy (belated) Birthday to me…

It’s quite amazing, because to me it doesn’t really feel that long, but exactly a year and two days ago I published my first post on this blog (the review of “The Impossible”). Having now gone back to read it over once more I realized how much this hobby of mine has changed me over the course of this year. Not only did I get to hone my writing skills, but also I think I now have a clearer idea as to where this blog is going to go. With the added bonus hindrance of having limited time, I definitely see myself taking a more relaxed look at the new stuff coming out in cinemas and focusing more on different types of articles. Especially when I take into account, that the most popular entry of mine (“The wife that refused to die hard…”) has nothing to do with being a straight-up review, it might just be the thing I would be doing more often.

There are myriad websites and blogs, more or less professional in their approaches, which review the new releases in an informative way relevant to a potential viewer. So, something in the ball-park of 120 articles published over this last year (even with my autumn hiatus, I managed to average a post every three days, which is nice) have definitely taught me that I don’t really want to be a proper reviewer, or a film critic. I don’t really take pleasure in coming up with millions of adjectives to describe one’s cinematography or a performance, because it doesn’t say much about the film, however fancy it might read on the screen. I have come to embrace my conversational style of writing and I’d rather rant a bit about a particular feature of a given film I found interesting, instead of giving it an overall rundown that in the end adds nothing to the discussion. There’s a time and place for everything, and I’m now sure as ever, I’d like this place to never become a collection of reviews.

Now that I can’t really afford to go and watch everything (including the films I expect not to be good), I have to pick and choose what I will be watching, and therefore writing about. Not that I previously went out of my way to watch any ol’ crap, but having to choose between the next “Transformers” and the Coen Brothers’ film, I’d leave watching and reviewing the former to somebody else.

So, this is where this blog is going… I’m definitely going to focus on a more creative type of content with the review of new releases becoming secondary to everything else. I already have a couple of cool ideas in mind and I hope you will find them interesting.

In mean time, the awards season is in full swing with the Oscar nominations about to drop a few days from now, which actually means watching some good quality cinema for the next month or so. I did have something planned for the run-up to this year’s Academy Awards; however, due to certain events taking place, I had to postpone this little project of mine. Oh, well… I already have something else I’ll fill this festive period with, and I hope it will be as fun to read, as it will be to create…


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