Christmas reflections and things…

Since Christmas is almost behind us and we’re definitely headed towards the end of the year, I think it’s as good time as any to sit down and have ‘a think’ about what’s going on with this blog. Sure, I could save it for the New Year’s or something, because resolutions and related promises-to-be-broken-sooner-or-later are what make New Year’s Day, but nevertheless… I’m extremely glad to be back typing away, as the things in life are starting to take shape, and as a result I get to save up some more free time. To me, this means more or less that I will get to watch more films again and get back to writing about them.

As you may or may not know, the gap in my writing had grown from the projected 4-6 weeks to the best part of three months. Now, I have never anticipated chaos of that magnitude resulting from bringing a child to this world, but then again, we don’t have anyone around to help us out (the luxury most young parents seriously underestimate). Still, now that certain things have been established and the days have started to look alike, I can start thinking about getting back out there to do something completely unrelated either to my professional career stuff, or the family/baby/housework duties.

Unfortunately, I am still far from being able to devote as much time to cinema as I used to, therefore the content on my blog will reflect that. I am now looking at being able to see at least one theatrical release a week (subject to many factors), but for the most part I will be confined to writing about things I can watch at home. It’s not a big deal for me anyway, because from the very outset I never considered myself to be a news outlet, and it is not my job to snag the earliest reviews and be the first out there in anything…

What you might expect (apart from at least one major review per week) would be reviews of older films, more Blind Spot reviews, and a couple more targeted and recurring series of articles… and of course more ranting on my part. In the days to come I’m planning to make the most important moves, so that everything looks the way I want before I can start making my way through everything I wanted to see in 2013, but couldn’t so far. Interestingly, during my absence I actually (believe it or not) caught “Captain Phillips” and “Gravity” on the big screen, but sadly didn’t have the time to write them up at the time. Now, I don’t think it’s appropriate to review these films, but I might re-visit this idea once they hit BluRay. The same goes for “You’re Next” and “Pain and Gain”, although I am not all that keen to re-watch the latter of those two.

So, I hope you all had a good time this Christmas and I’ll see you later. I sure had a blast (first Christmas as a dad, and all) and I even got a chance to keep my tradition alive of watching at least one of my Christmas classics, “Home Alone” with the phenomenal audio commentary by the good folks from Film Junk (available for free until the end of the year). Seriously, pick it up and enjoy… If only they released a commentary track for my other favourite Christmas classic – “Die Hard”… that would be awesome… I’ll get to re-watch it for the umpteenth time tomorrow anyway.

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