The joys of parenting and the reality that comes with it

As the old adage goes: under no circumstances should you ever begin with an apology. It simply looks bad and puts the reader (or the audience if you’re brave enough to speak in public) in a very uncomfortable frame of mind. Therefore, I should probably refer to what I’m about to say as more of an announcement. I feel I owe you at least this much. It might seem odd to be doing things like that; after all this blog doesn’t have much of a wide following, but I’m not most people and if there’s at least a handful of people who enjoy my writing, it feels perfectly valid to make them aware of anything that might influence the content they read.

As you might have imagined, and looking at my recent productivity in the calendar is a dead giveaway, I haven’t been able to produce as much as before. While he draught at the end of August had more to do with the blockbuster glut and lack of genuine material to cover (and I’d rather not write at all instead of forcing anything on myself and down your throats as well), my current inability to write is due to the fact that 10 days ago I became a dad. I think anybody who already has a baby will know how much of a rollercoaster one’s life becomes the minute that little person arrives on Earth. I, for one, had somewhat anticipated my life undergoing a major change, since at the end of the day you do have to somehow incorporate another human being into your already busy schedule. Nevertheless, I had no idea about the magnitude of what was coming my way.

Yes, of course, I did hear about the sleepless nights, constant fear and helplessness, but I somehow kept ignoring them, because I thought I would be more or less OK. I didn’t think sleep deprivation would be a hassle at all, because I am nocturnal in nature and on top of that I rarely require more than 5-6 hours of sleep to regenerate and feel fresh in the morning. Plus, how hard can it be anyway? Most people have children and they somehow manage to do it and as a man of reason and logic I think I can handle it just fine.

Well, suffice it to say the reality of fatherhood turned out to outperform the theory in terms of intensity by a huge margin. As it stands, I’m not even two weeks into this whole thing and this might be the first time I have both time and energy to sit down and think coherently for more than 5 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the happiest man in the world (confused, tired, overwhelmed, but fuelled by joy and love to my little princess), but the reality of that paradigm shifting event has caught me unawares, to say the least.Therefore, I think it best I concentrate on finding my feet in this new role that was bestowed upon my shoulders. Unfortunately, being able to do that means that I can hardly find time to rest or fulfill many other fairly basic needs, let alone to watch a film and then write about it.

As a result, I am forced to go on a temporary hiatus from blogging until my life regains its shape and I find a rythm to everything I do. I don’t think it will take me longer than 4-6 weeks (they say the beginnings are the hardest and it goes slightly smoother once the baby comes to terms with the fact it has to live on its own now), but honestly I don’t know at this point. I will do my best to finish off everything that I had already started, i.e. the review of “You’re next”, “Pain and gain” and the summer season wrap-up, but apart from that any new content will not make an appearance at least until October.

On the bright side, I have already started planning where I want this blog to go in the future, so I might be making slight changes to it once I’m back. Plus, I might as well branch out and start an additional project to further my passion as an amateur writer, but more on that later. In the meantime, I wish you all the best and i promise I’ll be back as soon as its humanly possible. Bear with me.


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