Writer’s block and its ramifications…

Just because I seem to be suffering from a violent case of mid-week writing constipation and I don’t want to rant anymore about “Iron Man 3” I decided to kick back and watch a movie… for a change…

As I didn’t want to dive into new territory, a quick Netflix trawl decided that Wednesday night would become the ‘re-watch and reminisce’ night. So there I am, sitting comfortably watching “Ronin” (one of the coolest spy/crime/car-chase film of the 90’s) and who do I see? No-one else, but Sean Bean himself – the world’s favorite kill-me-now actor. I don’t really have to remind everyone, how many times this poor fella got slaughtered on film… But for the record, Sean Bean was killed by: bullets on numerous occasions (including regular gunning down, precise shooting or maiming followed by finishing the job in other ways), knives (throat-job and various stabbings that included one suicide), drowning, arrows (Boromir says ‘hello’), crushing to death, explosions, beheading, live burial, hanging, freezing to death, quartering, and of course by a herd of cows…


So it came as no surprise, given that I haven’t seen this movie in a decade or so, to wait for poor Sean to depart in a spectacular fashion. Note here that the following will contain spoilers from a movie you should have seen a long time ago, so in reality no-one cares. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but laugh my behind off when I saw what the writers had in store for him at that time. I can’t imagine a worse departure of a character than that one: walking away in disgrace from a group of hard-ass mercenaries after revealing to the whole group that that you’re a tit, not a soldier and the last time you held a gun was when you played cops and robbers when you were a kid. Oh, and soiling oneself mid-action didn’t help either… I’d beg the writer to kill me off instead. But Sean took it like a champ…

Nothing makes you happier than a good twist in a movie…

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