Shortcake #12 – “Spy vs. Guy”

It has not been all that long into this glorious (yet cloudy and otherwise bordering on miserable) Saturday when I found this little piece of awesomeness. It’s called “Spy vs. Guy” and offers 16 minutes of high quality entertainment and production value. So, what is it all about?

What if I told you that someone has managed to successfully mould the ideas of a Cold War spy thriller with the hilarity of Road Runner cartoons? What if I told you that someone has succeeded in packing 15 minutes of film with more tongue-in-cheek action and comedy than many blockbusters nowadays fail to squeeze into 2 hours? What if I told you his name was Seth Worley?

From under this talented man’s hand out comes “Spy vs. Guy” – a brilliant short story about a former soviet spy trying to recover misplaced technology from the days of Cold War that somehow landed in a pocket of a totally unsuspecting pizza delivery guy. What else is there to say? The spy goes to ridiculous lengths in order to fulfil his mission hence bringing tidal waves of comedy to the screen.

The Spy’s character looks to me as if it was an attempted hybrid of Wile. E. Coyote and Mr Bean with all the contraptions he builds only to backfire on him terribly and the hopelessness that he projects in his pathetic attempts to get his hands on his target; simply fantastic.

In short, “Spy vs. Guy” is a fast-paced piece of cinema made by someone who clearly knows how to work the camera and makes the best use of close-up shots to keep the action rolling I’ve seen in some time. It’s a perfectly distanced film that brought me back to my days of youth when I would wake up early on a Sunday to watch the Looney Tunes on TV hoping to see the ‘Road Runner’. Enjoy!

Oh, and did I mention the (original, mind you!) score? That is just something else and I think a standing ovation is in order.

One more thing – beware of the remote-controlled pigeons… They will find you…