The Blind Spot #1 – “127 hours”

While I was writing up my thoughts on “Trance” – the newest product of Danny Boyle’s imagination – I was alerted to a terrible realization. As it turned out, I had not been acquainted with “127 hours” – the one before last of Boyle’s efforts. Taking into account the fact that my life had not been exactly normal for the last three and a half years, I figured something needed to be done to rectify this appalling state of things. You see, as a matter of fact, there must have been a number of films that I simply missed during my tenure as a senior slave in a university dungeon preoccupied with trolling happily towards my very advanced and obscure degree. Now that my life resumed its normal(ish) course, I am free to look back and see the black hole that my life used to be. But no more, I’ll have you know. I know it sounds dumb, but now I get to have evenings and even afternoons (and yes, weekends) to myself and I have plenty of time to make up for everything – including movies.

Therefore, it occurred to me I could turn it into something more fun than just sitting on Netflix and watching random crap. On top of that, there are myriad films that I have never seen and should have since I love movies so much. After all, I’m still quite young (with a bit of a gap in my life, but worry not) and I’ve only been ‘aware’ of films for a relatively short period of time. If you think about it, a body of work that encompasses more than a century has got to have millions of films that I have not seen… yet. So, I’ll probably turn it into a game, as I do with things to make them more interesting to myself. I don’t know the rules yet, but I’ll think of something.

Cutting the waffle short, I thought that I could start tonight with “127 hours”, because I happened to have it – simple as that. Moreover, I have always considered Danny Boyle to be one of my personal favorite directors of our time and having a gaping hole of not knowing one of his newest creations was not something I wanted to put up with any longer. So I made myself a sandwich, poured a tall mug of tea, sat down and proceeded to watch “127 hours”.


Well, first of all, the sandwich was not the brightest idea of mine. That would be the first thought I had after the credits rolled. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle gore and such (maybe not lately, because “The Impossible” really kicked me in the stomach) and I knew what “127 hours” was all about beforehand, but I came really close to seeing my sandwich again. Other than that, I’m really disappointed with what I just witnessed. The whole story could have been shot as a 30 minute short instead and it would have been a bit more dynamic. In the end, the film is a story about a guy who took a trip, ran into some girls, had an accident, hallucinated a bunch, and hacked his arm off. The end.

I got the message, because the final part really has a cathartic feel, but for all the wrong reasons, I’m afraid. Basically, the entirety of the movie can be cut (sic!) into three parts: the part where you wait for him to hack off his arm, the part when he’s doing it, and the part where you’re happy it’s over. I was actually relieved that the gore was over and everything was going to be fine from that point onward  It had nothing to do with the apotheosis of survival and life in general. I was just glad I don’t have to look at it anymore. I really understand how meaningful this man’s ordeal must have been, but in the end it left me with a message that read: ‘Next time you go and be awesome in the middle of nowhere, leave a bloody note in case s**t happens to you, you dummy! Or simply, take a phone…’

At least James Franco had his moment in the sun, because “127 hours” is, in fact, a one man show and he made use of his extensive camera time. But sadly, the film as a whole failed to live up to Boyle’s standards. It was shot really well and I could see Boyle’s touch in there, but in general “127 hours” looks makeshift and second-rate. I think I can’t be far off by saying that Boyle and his cohorts must have been sitting in a pub when Danny said: ‘Y’know, I just got the Oscar and I think that whatever I want to do now is going be pure gold with unicorn stickers on it. So, I just read this article about a guy who hacked off his arm and I am thinking we can make it a movie…’ Or something like that. ‘It doesn’t really need a budget. You bring your camera, I’ll call Jim Franco, you two bring the rest of things, and we’ll get in my van and go to the desert. Let’s make this movie happen. Surely it won’t cost more than two hundred bucks, now will it?’ And that’s how it happened.

Oh, boy… I think I went too far. The bottom line is – “127 hours” is by far the weakest of Boyle’s films in my book. Nevertheless, I saw it and now I can go on with my life. This concludes the first episode of what shall be known henceforth as The Blind Spot. I understand that other bloggers do something to that effect already, but I don’t care. Nonetheless, I have to come up with a set of rules to this project of mine and I can have some fun.

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