85th Academy Awards – Predictions and Wishful Thinking


‘Tonight’s the night… And it’s going to happen again and again… It has to happen.’

That quote from “Dexter” pretty much sums up the atmosphere surrounding what is going to happen in the next couple of hours. The awards season is about close again with the most widely recognized ceremony in the history of everything ever – The Oscars. I have to admit I feel a bit like a serial killer (but with a code) on the prowl now and I am quite certain I’m not the only one. Many of us have our own personal predictions, favorites and what-not. Therefore, I figured I would devote a bit of space to the Oscars and see how I do when it comes to making predictions.

Hands down, this has been one busy awards season for me, but I somehow managed to watch most of the most important films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards. By most I mean here 20 out of 33 films nominated in the main categories (including the foreign language film and the full-length animation). Sadly, I haven’t seen any of the documentaries or live-action shorts; I succeeded, however, in seeing the short animations. Anyways, having watched almost all of the most important contenders with a small exception of “Amour” (sad face) I have come up with my own list of predictions as to who is going home with the awards tonight. I have also prepared an alternative list of my own personal favorites that I would personally like to receive the Oscars based on my own taste which I disclosed in parentheses following my official bet.

Without further ado, this is what I think will happen:

Best Picture: Argo (It’s also my personal favorite, so no arguments here. Maybe “Django” could be a better choice from my personal point of view, but I’m heavily biased towards Tarantino)

Best Director: Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” (As much as I like his work, I’d like to see David O. Russell get the Oscar instead for “Silver Linings Playbook”)

Best Lead Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis “Lincoln” (No arguments here, but my heart weeps for Joaquin Phoenix for his fantastic and gripping role in “The Master”)

Best Lead Actress: Jennifer Lawrence “Silver Linings Playbook” (No arguments here, my favorite as well)

Best Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro “Silver Linings Playbook” (As much as I think he’ll get the Oscar because it’s been ages since he was last recognized by the Academy, I would wish to see Philip Seymour Hoffman get the gong for “The Master”)

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (No arguments here. The remaining nominees didn’t have as much of an impact on their respective movies with their roles)

Best Original Screenplay: “Zero Dark Thirty” (my heart beats for Quentin Tarantino and it is for him I’ll be secretly praying)

Best Adapted Screenplay: “Argo” (No arguments here)

Best Animated Feature: “Wreck-it Ralph” (My personal favorite as well)

Best Foreign Feature: “Amour” (I haven’t seen any of the nominated features, so no favorites here)

Best Documentary – Long: “Searching for Sugar Man” (no personal favorites)

Best Documentary – Short: “Open Heart” (no personal favorites)

Best Live Action Short: “Asad” (no personal favorites)

Best Animated Short: “Paperman” (Just because it’s Disney, but I really loved “Head over Heels”)

Best Original Score: “Skyfall” (Also my personal favorite)

Best Song: “Skyfall” (My favorite as well. It’s Adele, so…)

Best Production Design: “Lincoln” (anything but “Life of Pi”, please)

Best Cinematography: “Skyfall” (“Django”, please give it to “Django”)

Best Sound Editing: “Life of Pi” (I’d like to see “Zero Dark Thirty” get that one)

Best Sound Mixing: “Life of Pi” (the more technical Oscars “Skyfall” gets, the better)

Best Makeup: “Les Misérables” (“Hitchcock” because Anthony Hopkins, period)

Best Costumes: “Lincoln” (No arguments here)

Best Film Editing: “Argo” (maybe I’d like to see “Zero Dark Thirty” get that award, but I’m OK with “Argo”)

Best Visual Effects: “Life of Pi” (I’ll even settle for “The Avengers” here, just as long “Life of Pi” gets diddly-squat)

Now, let the games begin. 24 categories, 53 films, and only hours to go. Let’s see if I can get even close to 50% accuracy in predicting those bad boys.


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