“Wreck-it Ralph” – I nearly cried…

While I’m trying to get my thoughts together in order to write my non-review-die-hard-related something I figured that I’d scribble a few lines on an unrelated topic. Having been born in the eighties I tend to identify myself with the video/arcade game generation rather strongly. I was merely a young lad when the internet popped up… As a young man I observed how Google rose to power… And so forth… I had the pleasure to witness one of the biggest revolutions in modern history, be a part of it and at the same time had the privilege to remember ‘the world of the past’.


Yes, my childhood happened mostly outside and video games occupied only a small part of my life as a kid, which I am rather proud of now that I’m writing this. On rainy days, however, or during winter break (I could never be persuaded to ski), my friends and I would binge our way through “River raid” or “The Lost Vikings”, take turns trying to beat “Cannon Fodder” and “Contra”, organize “Mortal Kombat” tournaments and kick the living poop out of our super Nintendo consoles, Commodore C-64, and prehistoric PCs. Oh, how many joysticks have I murdered in my time…? How many keyboards destroyed…? And how much fun it was… Even though the games used to be much harder than the modern ones (I could maybe name a couple of games that I finished as a kid, normally the games got progressively harder until a point where they would become unbeatable), we used to spend our time failing at them to no end, all with banana-type grins on our faces. Well, until the moms wouldn’t barge in and kill whatever fun we were having.

So, if you remember “Donkey Kong”, “Super Mario”, “Prince of Persia”, “Sonic”, or the original “Mortal Kombat” then you’d definitely enjoy “Wreck-it Ralph”. Be it in cinemas (damn you, UK!!!) or DVD, it’s definitely worth your time. I had a fantastic time and I am not even sure that this film was aimed at children at all. I feel as though I was the target viewer with all the winks and nudges that the younglings nowadays cannot possibly understand. It’s a fantastic story, albeit the story arc has been beaten to death at this point, and its emotional value was simply phenomenal. I love a good fairy tale and “Wreck-it Ralph” definitely belongs in that category, although not in the obvious Shrek-like way.

For those of you who still have no idea, “Wreck-it Ralph is a story set in the world of arcade video games. Ralph is a baddie in a game “Fix-it Felix Jr.” where his job is to destroy a building and the player’s is to fix it in time. But he’s no mere bad guy, as deep inside his heart is good. He’s depressed and lonely and decides that he no longer wants to continue the life of a villain. In order to change his life he embarks on a journey through video games that will change his life… forever.


I mean, everybody knows, what that kind of story is all about, right? But that’s beside the point. Even though I knew straight away, how exactly the story would unfold with most of its twists and turns, “Wreck-it Ralph” has just made my day. It was a fantastic film that made me reminisce about the days of my youth and I know for a fact that, if I have a son one day, I’ll make sure to introduce him to “Wreck-it Ralph”. Hell, I’ll introduce him to all the oldie video games that I loved. He might not share my passion towards them at once, because all the ‘modern warfares” and “need for speeds” are much prettier, but they sure don’t have the history behind them. And “Wreck-it Ralph” might just be the perfect vehicle to inspire the love for that kind of history that I hold dear to my heart.

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