Shortcake #4 – “Sounds Perfect”

I’m sorry. I just had to do this… I just watched one of the most hilarious shorts in weeks and I simply needed to write about it. Not that this particular piece needs publicity, because it just scored some gongs at Tropfest in New Zealand, but – in my humble view – young, ambitious and talented filmmakers need as much good word as humanly possible. While I do know, my readership is a bit limited at the moment, still if anyone is exposed to this little short and I could have something to do with it, I will be really proud and overjoyed.


Without further ado, I give you “Sounds Perfect” by Allan George. From what I gather, it is his debut as a director, although he is rather experienced when it comes to work with a lens, which is very noticeable in his film. I’d say it’s a very professionally produced piece of comedy and it is a delight to watch. “Sounds perfect” is essentially a para-documentary piece about a lad called Dave who works as an audio enhancement engineer in the adult film industry – at least that’s what he calls making sure that all the rumble in the jungle sounds professionally and provides the viewers with unforgettable experience (not that anyone would notice)… And he takes his – otherwise very under-appreciated – profession way too seriously. “Sounds perfect” is a 7 minute long parade of giggles infused with just the right amount of horizontal mambo metaphors. I had a very good time watching it and now I can’t wait for what Allan George comes up with next.

Oh, and by the way – eclairs and wellie boots will never be the same again.


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