The Oath… Why so serious…

With only as much as 35 days left until the Movie Christmas (The Oscars, cough), I realized I have only seen 7 out of 24 nominated features and that includes only the so-called main category nominees (which includes “The Hobbit”, “The Impossible”, “The Avengers”, “Skyfall”, “Prometheus”, “Ted” – though it was nominated only for a song, but still counts – and “Django Unchained” that I saw today). That gives me less than 33 % rate of success. If I include the remaining 5 full-length animations, 10 documentaries (long and short), 4 foreign features and 10 shorts (both animated and live action) that sums up to a grand total of 53 films to watch. And right now I’m sitting at a measly 13.2 %. However, it just so fortunately happens that many of these either are in cinemas right now or will be premiering in the UK in the following weeks, thereby giving me a good chance at seeing them before the Oscars are awarded. So with the internet as my witness (I am still talking to myself, aren’t I?) I solemnly swear that I shall do everything in my power to watch as many nominated films as humanly possible before the big day. I had never done this before, but I do think it would be a nice way to spend the remaining month. Let the games begin. And they shall begin tomorrow with my little review on the “Django”. As much as I’d like to do it now, I really can’t be arsed to think straight at this ungodly hour.



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