So… the Oscars are coming…

Whilst really trying to come up with a couple of words about “The Hobbit” without resorting to name-calling, foul language and shaking my head in utter disappointment, the Oscar nominations were announced (full list can be found here). Now I can feel a bit like a “real” blogger. There you go. Here’s the news and I gave it to you. Happy?

Don’t get any ideas. I’m really in no place to comment on the nominations as I kind of failed to see most of the nominated films (and it makes me a sad panda). I’m really happy though for Quentin Tarantino for getting a few shots at the Oscars (including the original screenplay) for “Django”, which I have yet to see (sadly, UK is a bit behind). Wouldn’t it be fantastic if one of my favourite writer/directors was singled out in such a way?

What can I say? The nominations reminded me of the fact that I missed so much over the last year or two, due to real-life commitments a.k.a. the wheel of pain… I mean, trying to finish and write up my PhD… Now that the dark times are behind me, I really have to find a way to see the “Lincoln” to make up my mind about it (12 nominations and I have no idea what to think about it <runs with his hands above his head screaming like a lunatic>).

But why do I care so much about the Oscars? Everyone knows they are corrupt and political and the academy members club baby seals on their down time. And yet, we talk about them, we chat at work on the following morning and even if we’re not genuinely interested in the subject, we can say a few words about this, that and the other concerning the awarded films. For me, the Oscars are much like Christmas – it’s the time when I can receive presents and regardless of how much I love the individual items I get, I enjoy unwrapping the gifts. And say what you want, but personally, I can’t find a single film that got the Best Picture Oscar (well, the Oscar of Oscars, right?) that was genuinely crap. Maybe I could squeeze in “Chicago”, but my judgment might be biased due to my general distaste for musicals. That aside however, the only reason I could not like a particular Oscar-winning feature, is because I was rooting for the other guy.

Truth be told, most if not all films picked by the academy for this highest distinction deserve to be watched and should be seen by the general public. And that’s exactly what I intend to do, one way or another. I don’t really think I’d be disappointed. I’ll keep you posted.


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